Condo in Hua Hin – Luxury and Comfort Redefined

Residential apartments have undergone a radical change in recent times and more than anything else, these have turned into be a style statement by the apartment owners. Besides being built with the most modern facilities within the living quarters, there will be a multitude of amenities in the common areas around the apartment blocks and life could be quite different to what you would have imagined. If you buy a condo in HuaHin, Thailand, for example, you will be investing in a top class property, and you will feel happy forever that you chose to make the purchase of the property now.

Promoters and Builders Cover All Aspects

The promoters of these condominiums usually plan very big, in terms of the number of condos being built, the number of storeys, and basic features of the flats. Besides the inside, facilities like golf courses and other luxurious options are also generally included. As a resident of these condos, you will enjoy many privileges. The typical layout of the apartments will have configurations of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom of about 40square meters in built up area to a duplex type condo of around 90square meters, which will have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

A condo in HuaHin will have a spacious living room with an open type kitchen on one side and at the other end, there would be a seamless balcony area making it easy for you to enjoy a kind of openness. In case the condos have two bathrooms, one would usually be en-suite while the other will have common access.

Nice Finish and Accessories

The builders of the condominiums spare no effort at offering their customers with the best in terms of quality with regard to the finishes. This includes the floors, ceiling, walls and in the case of the bathrooms the tiles and so on. When it comes to the kitchen, there would be standard fittings, but many additional fixtures can be provided by the builder as a part of the new condo. These can include the hob, the hood and the modular storage cabinets.

Common Amenities

The condo in HuaHin is built in a complex close to the beach, and the project offers many advantages to the residents. As mentioned, a golf course adjoining the complex is available to those who have an interest in the game. Within the complex, there would be a swimming pool which is a standard amenity nowadays, plus a provision of a shallow pool for the kids. A fitness room cum gym with all latest exercise equipment and a garden with a play area are other provisions in the condominium. Residents can avail parking space for their cars as well. There would also be adequate arrangements for security with security guards and CCTV all around.

The builders would also offer certain maintenance services after the condos have been handed over, and the residents have started living in. This would be based on a fee payable monthly.

Life can be quite peaceful but at the same time very exciting in these condos and there can be a complete change in the way you live with your family in the modern times.



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